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First, "Tianyue" is the mausoleum of Fuxi

First, "Tianyue" is the mausoleum of Fuxi

This is said from the Qing Dynasty Pingjiang famous scholar Zhang Zanzhao. "Tongzhi Pingjiang County" "Artistic writings" in his book "Chu Ling briefing" two volumes, that "Pingjiang of the Tianyue, that is," Yu Gong "Dongling. There are under the altar, is Fu Xi's Mausoleum "to speak.

Zhang Zanzhao its people, in addition to the above "art writings", but also in the "character of the Rulin" have a detailed description: Zhang Zanzhao, formerly known as Bao Zhao, the word Shan Shan, No. bucket peak, Jiaqing Xin Youyou, B was not lifted, and had five by the specialist elections, once won the first prize. The young master of the Yuelu Academy Dean, the famous scholar Luo Dian, after the University of Pucheng Wang Ding, Xiaoshan Tang Jinzhao of the door, and then the famous Gong Zizhen, Shen Weiqiao, Ling Kun, Wei Yuanshe up and down its discussion, in the ancient word Will find the solution, refused to attach before that. Lifelong proficient in the history of research, especially in the astronomy and geography. In addition to the "Chu Ling briefing" two volumes, there are "Yi Yi principles" six volumes, "Yi Yi attached articles" four volumes, "the original meaning of the original" four volumes, "astronomical geography" , "Dongan public slips" two volumes, "Doufeng Collection" four volumes, and its "astronomical map that" was also elected to the "Emperor Qing Jingwen". In its "Chu Ling slightly", the territory of Hunan Province Chaling, Zhaoling, Liling, Lingling, Quanling, Chunling and other ancient temples have corrections. Although now can not find the "Chu Ling slightly" original, but for Zhang Zan really do this knowledge of the famous Confucianism that "Tianyue is Fuxi's Mausoleum" argument, certainly has its basis, and will not be Let the mouth of the river, groundless.

Early years in the Mogu Mountain survey, many elderly people have witnessed the curtain on the Fushan had built "imperial altar". And said the altar hall magnificent scale, there are 48 beams and columns, 48 lights, columns such as forest, shine. The temple is dedicated to Fuxi holding gossip. And the legend has been in a peak, the cattle hand for the Fuxi burial, special built imperial altar worship. Imperial altar destroyed in the early years of fire, now its ruins are still, and Zhang Zanzhao said anastomosis.

Fuxi is the son of Huaxu, the ancient tribal leaders, legend that he taught the people for the network, engaged in fishing and animal husbandry, reflecting the Chinese primitive era began to enter the era of economic life of fishing and hunting. Fuxi the wind surname, traditional "wind" contains a word "insect" word, "wind" word pictograms were originally dragon and phoenix totem signs. Legend of the Fuxi turtle teeth, dragon lips, snake body, head, cattle hand, which is undoubtedly a reflection of the dragon totem tribal consciousness. Legend of his most important invention is gossip. As the gossip of the origins of Chinese writing, it is said that Fuxi has looked up at the changes of the stars in the sky, looking down on the creatures of the earth, and carefully examining the mysterious graphics of the turtle and the body's own structure, using the binary law to draw eight kinds of graphics to represent Including everything of man and nature in the world and its evolution. Fu Xi's outstanding contribution to the enlightenment of human civilization, so Sima Qian in the "Historical Records" in his and Shen Nong's, Zhu Rong's and called "three emperors."

As the ancestor of human civilization, Fu Xi, birth and death were unable to research, but he has always been admired by the Chinese nation, but it is an indisputable fact. In addition to Pingjiang has Fu Xi Ling, Henan Huaiyang County, north of the Cai River also has its mausoleum, the temple of the emperor Wu Xu Temple. As for what is true and false, there is no need for debate. As the legend of the Yandi mausoleum in Shaanxi Baoji, Hunan Yanling there, there is no criticism. Because itself is a detached thing of a spiritual sustenance.


Second, Tian Yue is Yu Yu has been the famous mountains

About four to five thousand years ago, the earth due to the ice period warming, resulting in a huge flood. China's ancient "Shangshu Yao Dian" wrote: Emperor said: "Consultation! Siyue, soup soup floods cut, swinging mountains Xiangling, vast monstrous." The Western Christ "Bible Xi Bai Lai" He also wrote: "When the flood was flooded on the earth, Noah was six hundred years old, and Noah went into the ark with his wife, his son, and his children, and fled the waters, and the fountains of the sea were broken, The windows are open.There are forty days and nights of heavy rain fell to the ground ... ... water potential on the ground is extremely large, the mountains are drowned in the world. "The face of surging floods, Westerners only take their own ark of the times, China has a lead The masses of the hero of the water, he is Xia Yu.

Legend Yu for Si surname, Gun's son, said Yu, Xia Yu, Emperor Yu. He was married only three days was Emperor Shun appointed inherited father governance flood. Yu pleased to be ordered to learn the lessons of his father's failure to plug, to divert the law to uniform damage. Eight years (also said thirteen years) rushing in the north and south, had three home and not into the final chisel the Yellow River gantry, dredging the Yangtze River, Huaihe River, Ji River, Yi River, Jian River, Surabaya, Ru water, Luo water. Eventually subdued the flood hazards, so active, was elected as heir. After the death of Shun, Yu served as tribal leaders, the establishment of the history of China's first home of the dynasty of the dynasty, is the founding of the Xia Dynasty. According to legend, Yu Yu later tour of the Southern Tour to death, and now from Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, about four kilometers south of Dayu mausoleum. There are Yu Wang Temple next to the temple, was built in the Southern Liang Datong eleven years (AD 545) large-scale, the door has a tall stone, the name " monument."

On the ancient river of water heroes in Pingjiang personally boarded the record of Tianyue, the Northern Song Dynasty edited the "Yueyang customs recorded in the mountains of Fu Shan," said: "The mountain has a stone wall engraved, on the words of summer rain water mountain. Qing Emperor Qianlong Pingjiang famous Peng Jiwei for "Tianyue Mountain" pointed out: "and the Shek Pik has 'God Yu water to this' ancient Zhuan six words," supporting the curtain of Fushan "It is called Tianyue also, since ancient times, This time with. "With Peng's bit with the contemporary scholar Tong Xian and in the" Yu Zhuan "poem wrote:" waiting for the ride by Cui Wei, Miao Fu mountain to explore the odd. The Millennium Monkey is still in the eight-load Feng Gong can still be chased.When the world has been Demonstration of Germany far, so far the end of the water East. "Described the pro-visit monument of emotion. Li Yuan degree in the late Qing Dynasty in the "tour of the Fushan mind" also wrote covered with moss Yu monument is still the fact. It can be seen that the ancients had inscribed inscriptions in the mountains, describing Dayu boarded this mountain.

Why do you want to climb some mountains? Can be from the circumstances, is entirely the need for political struggle. Because Shun Emperor when the flood of natural disasters, there are three seedlings for the scourge of human beings, need to put down. Yu was appointed to control the water both the peace of the three seedlings of the dual task.

First note is: Miao who, that is, the field of long crops, ancient meaning refers to the farming tribal residents as "Miao", and the current Miao people are not the same concept. The so-called "three seedlings" refers to the ancient Shennong Yan Emperor, the surname Jiang and Chi You; later joined the yellow emperor of the name of Dan Zhu, Ma Zhai Zou and other tribe world Huang Di Department of Zhu Rong Li and Jiuli tribe. These three Miao people, is called "three seedlings". About five or six thousand years ago, the Miao people moved along the Yellow River to the north of the Yellow River, under the leadership of the leader of Chi You and the Yellow Emperor led the clan group for the Central Plains fertile plains to start the war, the results defeated the South escape, in Jingchu, Dongting Lake area Go live. It is said to Pingjiang history is called "ancient for the three seedlings of the land", that is, before the summer Pingjiang just "three seedlings" by the residence, and no exact administrative names.

San Miao and Yao Dili with the Qiang people, had opposed the power to the Dongyi people Shun. Shun in power after killing three seedlings leader, triggering more hatred of the three Miao people. As the flooding, there are Miao's obedience to order to control the water, that is, "Miao stubborn", Shun life Yu to condemn. Water treatment and treatment of seedlings has long been intertwined. Miao people always refused to surrender in Shun. So, Shun later years in the South of three seedlings, the road dead Cangwu, buried in Hunan Ningyuan Jiuyishan.

Dayu shoulder a double mission, he wants to stop the three seedlings for chaos must also be treated like water to rely on the measures to ease, in order to gradually Miao people agree. And the most effective measure is to take the lead in the sacred sacrifice, with the sacred power to affect the Miao people. He had come to Hengshan to pay attention to the god of Nanyue, because he thought that God was the master of the mountains and rivers, and in the mountains set up a strange seven hundred words written in the monument, this monument in the Southern Song Dynasty in the Yuelu Mountain, now called "Yu King monument ". By the Ming Dynasty scholar Yang Shen translation, inscriptions Yu Yu Shui said water industry, pray for the meaning of the gods blessing. Yu on the mountain god so, the prestige of the first holy monarch of the same by the heavy. Xia Yu is the descendants of Fuxi, naturally have such a high desperate ancestors, is not to give up any chance to rely on their ancestors to lift their status. Legend of Dayu flood control Longmen mountain, find a deep and deep cave, Dayu holding a torch into, met a big god, snake face. God hand holding a gold version, painted above the gossip graphics. God told the goddess of the nine gods Xu Xu is his mother. Great God took a jade Jane gave Dayu. Jade Jane a foot two inches, in line with the number of twelve hours, can be used to measure the world. Dayu later holding the jade Jane, put down the flood. Who is the human face snake big god, is Fuxi. This ancient legend to Fu Xi, Dayu water tightly linked together, from a side to reflect the great successor with Yu Xi achievements of the fact that their merit.

With the above description, it can not be confirmed, when the Dayu flood control and "three seedlings", the cross-hole into the Pingjiang, personally to their ancestors Fuxi buried the mountains to do some pious worship, completely logical Public affairs. Mounted on the mountains to worship the first emperor, it can not be like Deng Yue Yue praised his meritorious service, but also make people widely aware of their own had come here. So in the mountains engraved on the "Dayu flood control to this" the most decent body. Elegant Dayu footprints throughout the north and south, and other places rarely left "ink" only in Pingjiang due to borrow the Fu Xi, and be blessed.

In short, stands the Yangtze River Dongting coast, surrounded by Wu Chu, high pole days outside, left holding Huanglong, right relying on the Phoenix, both high and respect, and for the mountains of the mountain, both buried ancestors Fu Xi on it, Yu visit its peak, known as "Tianyue" worthy of the name. The ancients said: "The victory and the Five Sacred Mountains of the forest, and its name of the show, the independence is not the Wuxie who Zai? No also to be far away, weeks of the horse not to trace, Xie Gong's clogs do not Deng, Is the silence of the human ear.

Tianyue Hill, we are proud of you, we are proud of you, more you sighed with regre