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Taoism birthplace

Twenty-five cave days

Miao Fu Mountain calendar for the Buddhist and Buddhist holy sites, had Ge Hong Deng Xian, Xu Jingyang alchemy, Ai immortal practice and many other Taoist ruins and fame. Tang Dynasty Du Guangting with "Dongtian blessing in mind," said the curtain of Fushan for the Taoist thirty-six cave of the twenty-fifth hole days, the number of "mysterious real yuan".

Legend of Nu Wa was here, "refining colored stone to fill the sky, broken Ao enough to stand four", she and Fuxi brother and sister married and produce human, she is "high media god". Fuxi emperor died after the funeral in the eyes of Fushan. Therefore, the construction of the imperial field, the ancient emperor sent a lawsuit to worship.


aoist culture


Miao Fu Mountain due to Fuxi soul return, Yu Shun view day patrol hunting and closure Tian Yue, "water" only "Mi water from Huan Mountain" in mind, "Historical Records" more "Shun on the negative summer" contained. Fuxi created gossip, open the Taoist Mongolian, Emperor Shun view of the day, with the national religion pioneer, ancient name Lei Gongshan, for the heavenly street, is still the ancestors of fear of the gods of the source, recognize the Xianju and its first emperor two Degree to see the immortal, Tang Du Guangting "Dongtian blessing Yue Du Shan Shan", the cave has nine, blessing to save seven, all in the mountains, Divine Land, no other two.

Taoism has had a profound and profound influence on China's politics, economy and culture, its immortal belief and advocating the idea of natural inaction, especially on the formation of the romanticism of Chinese literature and art and the formation of naturalistic aesthetics. China's ordinary people's daily life and cultural and entertainment blend of milk, medication alchemy on ancient Chinese chemistry and medicinal science have made outstanding contributions, qi, room, save God, inner alpine and other health surgery on Chinese traditional medicine and human science are closely related.

Many excellent cultural heritage in Taoism, still attracting many Chinese people, it is quiet and inattentive immortal characteristics, so that people of the world to find the life of the quiet and successful, can be said to be out of the way National spiritual treatment of the recipe is the soul of the soul of the immortal home, perhaps based on this, Mr. Lu Xun that "China's fundamental all in Taoism."

Taoism is gradually evolved on the basis of three primitive religious consciousness: a spirits worship, two gods and alchemy, and the mysticism of the three hills. Ghost worship is the early human ancestors of the early lack of correct understanding of the natural phenomenon, and produce awe of the various phenomena, they think that people die after the soul of immortal and spirits, that the mountains from heaven near the gods living. Such as the Nanyue Hengshan as Vulcan Vulcan living in the place, less Hao God living in the West Yuehua Mountain, Mogu ancient mountain called Leigongshan, Lei mine that Raytheon, the ancestors will be the temple of the mountain as a place where the sound of God, More lightning, in 2006 occurred in the event of lightning 6 cattle, may be related to the underground metal deposits. To the late Eastern Han Dynasty by Wei Boyang in-depth study of "Book of Changes" on the basis of the "Book of Changes" theory to write a solution to the community at that time the general pursuit of "longevity, longevity," the masterpiece "Book of Changes" Practice put forward a set of theoretical system, was Dan called "ancient ancient by the king." His adventure on the development of the Jindan played a great role in the guide, the saver is formed under the guidance of it.

Taoist school is the predecessor of Taoism, the end of spring and autumn I was recognized as the founder of the Taoist theory, to the Eastern Han Shun Emperor, Zhang Daoling a five-meter meter Road, marking the formal creation of Taoism, Taoism at this time only the immortal belief, there is no theory, Its surgery and can not pass, until the Eastern Jin Dynasty, only by Taoism

The famous scholar Ge Hong completed, its book "Baopuzi" a book, so that Taoism theory, meticulous, and has been the ruling class recognition, improve the status of Taoism, in the alchemy, it is made a The role of the past. Ge Hong will be metaphysics and Taoism as a whole, theology and Taoism as a whole, the alchemy and Jinda as one, will Dan Ding and Talisman integration, Confucianism and immortal integration, the development of Taoism Made a great contribution.

Ge Hong also through the "Baopuzi foreign articles" true boldly reveals the turbulence of the Jin Dynasty, the political darkness, the corruption of the customs, the decay of the officials, the suffering of the people. Ge Hong's thought is different from the Western Han Dynasty Confucianism Confucianism law, but also different from the hypocrisy of the Jin Dynasty, but also different from the pre-Qin legalists of the country's policy, he advocated Confucianism and Taoism, from the heart to achieve the ritual Purpose, the sharp front of the sharp, observing the profound, intense emotion, in the "virtual beauty hidden" at the time, it is commendable.