National Forest Park, the national AAA level scenic area in Hunan Province, the best summer resort

Tianyue Mufu Mountains  International Tourist Resort


Yueyang city to mountain Mufu mountain tour

7:00----- Yueyang city designated place set, boarded the bus to located at the junction of three provinces, Hunan Hubei Jiangxi tacu Mufushan (about 3 hours).

Around 10:30 to reach the beautiful scenery of Mount Fu Forest Park.

10:40 and 11:40, visit the magical boiling springs and Tianmen temple;

12:00, 12:40, dinner, rest;

13:00 - 16:00 through the thick forest, visit the wonders of nature under the lion cave, red cliff, the pavilion of indomitable spirit, lamented the magic of nature. Came to the South dominated stone, stationed in Mufushan tacu enjoy the Kuomintang fifty-seventh army commander Lu Daoyuan on the mountain Mufu mountains majestic descriptions and their passion to fight against the Japanese. Finally, go to the peak of Mufushan Tianyue Lake Pavilion, towering mountains, as in the soles of the feet, the sea surge high and sweep forward in sight;

Return to Yueyang at 16:00